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Re: [Linux-aus] Re: circumvention

On Thursday, 27 July 2006 at 14:54:03 +1000, Peter Miller wrote:
> Pia got me thinking on SFD talks and stuff, and some of it (inevitably)
> turned to DMCA issues.  She suggests it share it with you all...
> Here's what set me off, from the linux.com.au/law/ page
>         "to 'circumvent a technological measure' means to descramble a
>         scrambled work [...] without the authority of the copyright
>         owner"

To my mind, "circumvent" is a more clearly defined term than
"scramble".  Without defining the latter, I don't see what good this
definition does.  If it means "digitally encrypted", I'd guess that
the definition is inadequate.

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