Sec: Unclassified RE: [Linux-aus] Going Live and Donations

Stoffers, Robert LAC Robert.Stoffers at
Thu Oct 27 13:50:02 UTC 2005

"Secondly, we have put a donation button up on the podcasts site: . The reason we have done this is there are a
couple of things that we are going to need soon (a new machine for Karin
for one) as well as ongoing costs (phone and so on) and if anyone wants
to help out they can. I feel more comfortable doing it this way than say
going the LA Grant route where more worthy projects need the money
more. "

See how you go, for what it matters I would feel this is a worthy project if it ever did need to ask for a grant. I'm way too poor at the moment to offer a donation though, sorry :( (maybe later though!)

Robert Stoffers
Author/Maintainer Ubuntu FAQ Guide/Starter Guide
rstoffers at gmail dot com

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