[Linux-aus] Teleconf notes 2005-10-11

Pia Waugh greebo at pipka.org
Thu Oct 13 08:31:02 UTC 2005

Hi all,

<quote who="Jonathan Oxer">

> * AGM and voting
> Stewart asked if there were going to be changes needed to the voting
> code, which raised the question of whether an online vote is best.
> Number of voters was low this year but Stewart suggested it's still a
> good approach because it is potentially more inclusive ("gives the
> illusion of being" was his terminology I think!  :-P). Jonathan
> believes that if the voting is synced with LCA this year it will
> result in a better turnout even if it's done as an online process
> again: perhaps run online voting but have the voting period open just
> before, during or after LCA (there are benefits to all 3). Discussion
> to follow, but the short answer to Stewart's question is therefore:
> "no".

Can I please make a few suggestions. There were issues with the online
election last year that I don't believe have been fixed up:

- all new nominations and subsequent seconds and acceptances of positions
  should be automatically emailed to linux-aus, after all it is the public
  communication of our constituency
- election status should be publicly viewable without having to log in to
  get people interested in participating. There was a lot of complaints
  about this last year
- the vote status should be available as the voting period progresses so
  people can see what it is up to. 
- we need to ensure a reminder about the election is sent every few weeks in
  the lead up to the election. Also we should open nominations soon, perhaps
  in the next month?
- are we going to have the face to face stuff at the AGM or LA slot at LCA?
  Has this been booked with the LCA2006 crew?
Reminder: Jon, please send monthly news about LA to linux-aus, or delegate
it :)


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