[Linux-aus] Third AUUG2005 conference update - Brad Templeton + Chris Green

Gordon Hubbard gordon at customtech.com.au
Thu Oct 13 10:24:02 UTC 2005

Please see the appended update .... AUUG2005 rolls into Sydney next week 
so register now to secure your seat :)



This is the third in a series of previews of AUUG 2005 - The Conference 
for Unix, Linux and Open Source Professionals.

AUUG 2005 is just over a week away, but it's not too late to register.

This week we are highlighting:

* keynote speaker Brad Templeton from the Electronic Frontier
* Microsoft's Chris Green to present a keynote talk on Unix
* AUUG 2005's International Flavour

***Brad Templeton of the Electronic Frontier Foundation ***

Keynote speaker Brad Templeton has been active in the computer network 
community since 1979. He founded and ran ClariNet Communications Corp - 
the first internet-based content company. He participated in the 
building and growth of USENET from its earliest days and in 1987 he 
founded and edited rec.humor.funny, the world's most widely read 
computerized conference on that network.

Brad is chairman of the board of the Electronic Frontier Foundation 
(EFF), the leading civil rights advocacy group for cyberspace. He also 
sits on the advisory boards for a few internet startups. Currently he is 
building a new startup to reinvent the phone call. He is also on the 
board of the Foresight Institute (a nanotech think-tank).

At the conference, Brad will be presenting a keynote talk with his EFF 
hat on, and a footnote presentation with his Foresight Institute hat on.

*** Microsoft to present keynote on Unix Interoperability at AUUG2005***

In this day and age a heterogeneous data centre is the norm, not the 
exception. For over three decades AUUG has promoted standards based and 
interoperable computing, and a large part of that is exploring practical 
methods for integrating disparate IT systems.

So we are pleased to welcome Chris Green of Microsoft, who will deliver 
a keynote address at AUUG 2005 on Microsoft's Unix and Open Source 
related activities, including their efforts to provide a POSIX 
environment in Windows, and to integrate Windows and Unix systems. The 
session will include a demonstration of Windows/Unix interoperability.

Don't be fooled by Chris' Microsoft badge - he is actually a long time 
Unix hacker. He has previously worked as Unix Specialist for vendors 
such as Data General, Fujitsu and Sun Microsystems, as well as setting 
up the scientific computing environment for CSIRO's Biomolecular 
Research Institute. He is currently the UNIX Interoperability and High 
Performance Computing specialist for Microsoft Australia.

*** AUUG 2005's International Flavour ***

AUUG 2005 is one of the key Open Computing events on the world stage - 
already this year we have registrations from countries as diverse as 
Croatia, Fiji, Germany, India, New Zealand, Norway, the Solomon Islands, 
Sweden, Thailand and the USA.

For more details on AUUG 2005 visit http://www.auug.org.au

Please note that the conference will have a wireless and wired network 
available for attendees.

I look forward to seeing you at AUUG 2005!

Steve Landers, Vice President
AUUG - The Organisation for Unix, Linux and Open Source Professionals
Ph: +61 2 8824 9511;  Fax: +61 2 8824 9522; 
mailto:steve.landers at auug.org.au

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