[Linux-aus] Teleconf notes 2005-10-11

Jonathan Oxer jon at ivt.com.au
Tue Oct 11 19:54:02 UTC 2005

And since I'm doing notes, here are the notes from tonight. I think we
just set a record for the shortest LA teleconf *ever*!

Once again, if there is discussion about things in this please start a
new appropriately-titled thread.

  Jonathan Oxer
  Geoffrey Bennett
  Mark Tearle
  Stewart Smith

* linux.conf.au 2006
Registration is open! Woohoo! Funds transfer for bag purchase should
be in their account in the next day or so - it's all been authorised,
now it's just a matter of waiting on the interbank delay. Not much
else to report directly since Mike's not available.

* linux.conf.au selection process
Time to revisit the linux.conf.au selection process. There was a
suggestion on the linux-aus list on July 4th about a public procedure
for doing the actual selection of the winning team, and Stewart will
look at fleshing it out a bit and sending it to linux-aus for comment.
We really need to start looking at proposals *soon*.

* CeBIT media release
It's gone out from Hannover Fairs and been picked up by at least one news site.

* AGM and voting
Stewart asked if there were going to be changes needed to the voting
code, which raised the question of whether an online vote is best.
Number of voters was low this year but Stewart suggested it's still a
good approach because it is potentially more inclusive ("gives the
illusion of being" was his terminology I think!  :-P). Jonathan
believes that if the voting is synced with LCA this year it will
result in a better turnout even if it's done as an online process
again: perhaps run online voting but have the voting period open just
before, during or after LCA (there are benefits to all 3). Discussion
to follow, but the short answer to Stewart's question is therefore:

* grants
Nothing new to report, everything in hand and going nicely. Orbital,

[1] This is a blatant attempt to spread the use of a dodgy exclamation
that was used a lot at IVT a few years ago and hasn't been heard much
since. Hmm, I wonder why?

Cheers   :-)

Jonathan Oxer

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