[Osia-discuss] Re: [Linux-aus] Help with a political approach to Open Source please :)

Con Zymaris conz at cyber.com.au
Mon Oct 10 11:42:02 UTC 2005

On Mon, Oct 10, 2005 at 01:27:38PM +1000, Pia Waugh wrote:
> Hi Con,


> It doesn't even have the OSV link anywhere in the document :) Surely that is
> useful.

As mentioned, this is the third or forth email in a sequence. OSV (and 
link) would have been introduced by then.

> > > to sourceforge is a bit cruel really :) At least pointing to a vendor
> > > listing from somewhere.
> > 
> > Sourceforge lists apps. We want them to be able to search for and find 
> > apps.
> If they are windows users, soureforge is simply not useful. At any rate

I disagree. There are plenty of apps (Python, PHP etc) which are
multi-platform. More importantly, it shows absolute newcomers a site which
allows them to glimpse the mass of iceberg below the waterline. We want to 
impress upon them the universe beyond the celestial curtain.

> > There is no OSV office or phone numbers. We're making the contact so we 
> > need to provide our contact details. The document points out that we stay 
> > well clear of pushing any commercial emphasis - it's the only way to gain 
> > the necessary trust.
> Then surely setting up a few forwarding email addresses of con at osv.org.au
> would make sense in terms of staying aways from the commercial aspect.

I don't see it as a big issue either way, and it's one more piece of 
administrivia to have to manage.

> > It's an OSV doco, thus the OSV logo and branding in the footer.
> And no link to the OSV website ;)

see above.

> > I've found the best approach is to just go ahead and do things and then 
> > work with people do define new areas which need to be covered, then 
> > allocate those areas to volunteers. 
> Fair enough, so when were you going to open the gates for volunteers to
> assist? At any rate, I'm happy to help out how I can. I'd love to get going

Absolutely. This isn't a gated activity, There's nothing stopping any FOSS
advocate from glimpsing opportunites and new areas to take FOSS to. All it
takes is a little imagination and lots of time/effort.

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