[Osia-discuss] Re: [Linux-aus] Help with a political approach to Open Source please :)

Pia Waugh greebo at pipka.org
Mon Oct 10 11:28:02 UTC 2005

Hi Con,

<quote who="Con Zymaris">

> > - Why aren't osia.net.au or linux.org.au on the recommended links? On the
> It's an OSV document - confuses the issue to point to too many 
> organisations.

It doesn't even have the OSV link anywhere in the document :) Surely that is
> > to sourceforge is a bit cruel really :) At least pointing to a vendor
> > listing from somewhere.
> Sourceforge lists apps. We want them to be able to search for and find 
> apps.

If they are windows users, soureforge is simply not useful. At any rate
pointing to some of the places that do comparisons like the page on the
Skolelinux site would be potentially more useful.
> There is no OSV office or phone numbers. We're making the contact so we 
> need to provide our contact details. The document points out that we stay 
> well clear of pushing any commercial emphasis - it's the only way to gain 
> the necessary trust.

Then surely setting up a few forwarding email addresses of con at osv.org.au
would make sense in terms of staying aways from the commercial aspect.
> It's an OSV doco, thus the OSV logo and branding in the footer.

And no link to the OSV website ;)
> I've found the best approach is to just go ahead and do things and then 
> work with people do define new areas which need to be covered, then 
> allocate those areas to volunteers. 

Fair enough, so when were you going to open the gates for volunteers to
assist? At any rate, I'm happy to help out how I can. I'd love to get going
perhaps a wiki where people can put their areas of interest and collaborate
more openly to achieve awareness of FOSS.


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