[Osia-discuss] Re: [Linux-aus] Help with a political approach to Open Source please :)

Pia Waugh greebo at pipka.org
Sun Oct 9 16:10:02 UTC 2005

Hey Con,

<quote who="Con Zymaris">

> http://www.cybersource.com.au/users/conz/introduction_to_open_source_software.pdf

This is a good base introduction, but it is really only talking about the
business case benefits, and my aim is to get OS on the political agenda,
which is why I've gone with more high level economic and social benefits. I
think the points you've raised in this are pretty good, and I'd like to use
a bit if that is ok. I also have some suggestions for the document below if
it is useful.

Technical points:
- No mention of Evolution? 
- Hula?
- Drupal or MySource Matrix
- Why aren't osia.net.au or linux.org.au on the recommended links? On the
  linux.org.au site we now have a list of case studies, screenshots, and
osia is obviously relevant. Telling someone all that and then pointing them
to sourceforge is a bit cruel really :) At least pointing to a vendor
listing from somewhere.
- If it is an OSV doco then why are the contact details all CyberSource? Is
  it an OSV doco or a cybersource doco? Just want to be clear. I have no
problems with marketing documents as long as there is no confusion.

> We've got the process just about right for this audience. If people want
> to volunteer help so we can reach other audiences, (non--profits, local
> councils, business councils, professional associations, sporting clubs
> etc), please speak to me so we can co-ordinate and optimise efforts. This
> is a year-long project for one or two people, but could be a 3 month one
> for 6 people.
If I'd known your were doing this I would certainly have volunteered to help
:) If you could post such initiatives to list I'm sure you'll get a lot of
willing hands :)


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