[Linux-aus] Re: [Osia-discuss] Help with a political approach to Open Source please :)

Pia Waugh greebo at pipka.org
Fri Oct 7 13:59:02 UTC 2005

Hi Anthony,

<quote who="anthony hornby">

> Are these resources linked of the Linux Australia site, the OSIA site?

Good call, I've added a new page to the LA site called "papers" for such
information. If anyone has stuff to add, please email me lists of links to

> A short abstract of the article from someone who knows the content makes
> a big difference to which resources researchers choose to investigate
> first when they are busy and trying to discern from the thousands of
> links, hits, other sources they have discovered, what is worth looking
> into and what isn't. Having the resource linked from the site of a peak
> body for that industry like OSIA or Linux Australia with some context
> provided by industry leaders gives the material credibility by
> association.

Yeah, send an abstract with any links please :)
> The Linux Australia site has no links I could find that answer the "why
> open source could be for me" questions.

Yeah, it is more catered to the community atm, but if anyone has good
content to add, I'm more than happy to add it. 
> Why not have one resource for directing people to for that initial
> investigation of "is open source appropriate to me" where we can be
> confident there are quality refereed materials present to paint a fair
> and honest picture, and perhaps whet their appetite to find out more.

Can anyone do a basic flowchart for this? If we can make it visual we are
more likely to engage people :) I don't have the time atm.
> If that is not feasible then at least have a directory to where all the
> other LUGs and open source bodies resources are?

Umm, linux.org.au/usergroups and linux.org.au/vendors.. I've just made them
easier to find by linking the page with all the resources to the "about
linux" page, but other feedback is very welcome.
> Personally I think a short "best of" with annotations from those
> industry leaders who propose those resources placing them in the
> appropriate context is the way to go.

Want to write it ;)
> Not looking to start any wars.

Yeah, neither was Ghandi ;)

Seriously, I'd love to add more of this kind of content to the LA site.
Please send me your links everyone! We have a section for case studies,
talks, papers, screenshots and more, so the more we can populate them, the
more useful and referenceable a site it'll become.


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