[Linux-aus] Computerbank Victoria Inc Grant Request - Free End User Linux Training

Pia Waugh greebo at pipka.org
Tue Oct 4 20:22:01 UTC 2005

Hi Robert,

<quote who="Robert Stoffers">

> Have you tried enlisting help from one or both of the two Melbourne
> based LUGs? I'm sure there are plenty of knowledgeable people there who
> would teach a class about Linux for the sake of being able to put it on
> their resume, or even just for the satisfaction of helping others. 

I think that $50 incentive is a very very low price for trainers, and it
would cover some travel/preparation/stationary costs for training. Keep in
mind actual trainers cost anywhere from a couple hundred an hour up, so I
think this would be a small incentive and cost covering exercise to
encourage people to give training. I feel the money goes a long way and is
really useful.
> Unfortunately I call sunny north Queensland home (go Cowboys!),
> otherwise I would offer some of my spare time to teach free of charge. I
> just think the money would be better spent on more Linux guides/CDs then
> paying people to teach.

Burn a cd and feed the mind of an individual, teach them to burn and feed
the mind of their entire community, or something like that :) I think
education is the big missing link in taking FOSS to the masses, as was
evident when we were handing out CDs in software freedom day. The
conversations were 20 times more useful than just handing a cd out.


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