[Linux-aus] Computerbank Victoria Inc Grant Request - Free End User Linux Training

Kylie Davies mailkylie at optushome.com.au
Thu Oct 6 20:45:03 UTC 2005

Hi Robert and others,

> Hi,
> Have you tried enlisting help from one or both of the two Melbourne
> based LUGs? I'm sure there are plenty of knowledgeable people there who
> would teach a class about Linux for the sake of being able to put it on
> their resume, or even just for the satisfaction of helping others. 

We have done this in the past and we can always do it again. I guess the
difficulty has been finding good, reliable and consistent trainers who
can deliver a structured training program to a group of people with a
mixed set of skills and backgrounds. 

Even when we find these trainers we'll still need to provide training
and mentoring so that our three hour course is delivered consistently
and with sensitivity. 

Our learners include older folk wanting to get on the net to communicate
with family, single mums wanting to improve their employment
opportunities, people from non english speaking backgrounds wanting to
improve english and computer skills, teenagers needing it for homework
and internet and unemployed people who use the computer for job search
and increasing skills. 

> Unfortunately I call sunny north Queensland home (go Cowboys!),
> otherwise I would offer some of my spare time to teach free of charge. I
> just think the money would be better spent on more Linux guides/CDs then
> paying people to teach.

Thanks for the offer of help, if only there were more like you. [big
hint] ;)

We give out free guides (at a cost to us) and free Ubuntu CD's, but more
than that we provide a very easy introduction to using a Linux desktop
computer. This helps new users feel more confident and increases foss
uptake, use and acceptance. For some of our service users, the training
experience can often 'make or break' the decision to retain Linux over
installing a copy of windows. 



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