[Linux-aus] Updated Community Code/LA proposal

Matthew Palmer mpalmer at hezmatt.org
Sun Mar 27 13:09:02 UTC 2005

[I said I'd have this to Anthony on Thursday, but I wanted to make sure I
wasn't going to annoy all of Community Code with the changes.  Apologies for
the lateness]

This is the updated proposal for cooperation between Community Code and
Linux Australia.  Hopefully it's suitably concrete that the LA committee can
make a decision on the matter.

Purpose of Community Code

Community Code exists for the purpose of encouraging participation in the
FLOSS community by as many people from as many different and varied
backgrounds and reasons as possible. In particular (though not exclusively):

* We wish to provide the necessary administrative framework in which people
	are able to:
	- satisfy their Mutual Obligation requirements contributing to FLOSS
		projects and the FLOSS community; and
	- obtain suitable references for FLOSS work to provide to
		prospective employers.

* Build a body of knowledge on ways and means to contribute to FLOSS

* Encourage anyone with an interest to contribute to FLOSS projects by
	whatever means they are able to do so.


 * Bob is studying an IT-related degree at University, but wants to
 	get a leg-up in his job seeking. He's heard a bit about Open Source
 	from his lecturers, but isn't entirely sure what it is or how great
 	it is. He finds	out about Community Code and gets in touch with us
 	via the mailing list.  After some brief discussions with a couple of
	members, Alice offers to be Bob's "official" mentor, and they work
	together getting Bob involved with creating free graphics and icons
	for the GNOME project, under Alice's general supervision. Three
	months after starting this work, Bob applies for a job at WidgetCo,
	and Alice provides a written reference regarding Bob's work on the
	GNOME art, and speaks with Bob's potential employer on the phone. As
	a result of this, Bob gets the job, has had exposure to Open Source
	and the benefits of this collaboration model, and continues to work
	with GNOME over the next few years.

Scope of Activities

CommunityCode intends to carry out the following activities:

 * Programming, documenting, and otherwise working with FLOSS projects by
 	means of the Internet;
 * Meetings between mentors and participants, and between mentors.
At present, we are willing to limit our activities to 15 active Community
Code members (mentors and participants) at a time.

Requirements from Linux Australia

Community Code needs public liability insurance coverage of at least
$5,000,000, for up to 15 Mentors and Participants at any one time.  To
qualify for Federal "Community Work" placements, under the Mutual Obligation
scheme, we also need to reference Linux Australia's status as a community
organisation.  We also wish to have the oversight of Linux Australia to
ensure we're not making "newbie" mistakes.

Relationship between Linux Australia and Community Code

Linux Australia will delegate a sub-committee for the purposes of running
Community Code, chaired by Mary Gardiner.  The members of the sub-committee
will initially be:

Adelle Hartley
Anne Julienne
Jacqueline McNally
Ken Foskey
Kylie Davies
Mary Gardiner
Matthew Palmer
Pia Smith
Taryn East
Terry Collins

(This list is, basically, everyone who has contributed to the cc-talk
mailing list thus far).  New members of the sub-committee will be added at
the discretion of the sub-committee chair.  It is anticipated that most
discussions will take place on the cc-talk mailing list, where anyone is
free to contribute, however if a vote on an issue is required, votes will
only be accepted from current sub-committee members.

The sub-committee chair will report to the LA committee as required.
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