[Linux-aus] About a User Conference (was...)

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Tue Mar 1 11:32:02 UTC 2005

Leon Brooks wrote:
> On Tuesday 01 March 2005 08:11, Michael Still wrote:
>>Anand Kumria wrote:
>>>Note anything more than $0 is too much.
>>Perhaps. How do you fund an event without having any money though?
> Sponsors. But I think $0 would be a mistake. If you just wanted as many 
> people as possible, sure, but attendees won't take it seriously if it's 
> free. Maybe $50 a day, $20 a day for concessions as a floor?

Which is what I originally proposed. I'm not confident of sponsors 
though -- surely they like proven events. I think it's sensible to build 
the event based on little / no sponsorship, and then be pleasantly 
surprised when wrong...

>>>Actually there are now people in all cities of Australia who know
>>>how to run an LCA-style event.  There are people in all cities of
>>>Australia who know how to run a LUG-style event.
>>Yes. None of them have made a proposal for such an event though. If
>>one of them would like to do so, then that would be fine.
> PLUG is getting fairly excited about the idea. I'll get a new list made 
> for the purpose and see if anything eventuates.

If you would like to, that would be nice.

>>>LCA caters, to a degree, to introductory programmers.  Davyd
>>>Madeley, for example, was exposed to Jeff Waugh at one of the
>>>previous LCAs and now contributes regularly to GNOME.
>>Absolutely. I was more thinking of Windows-centric ISV / bespoke
>>programmers wanting to port their worlds to Linux / open source
> As was I. And businesses looking for a little low-risk training to 
> reduce their fear of taking a leap of faith.

Yes. And people wanting to do the low risk training off their own bat.

>>Perhaps. The idea behind the proposal was that small is beautiful.
>>The event can get more complex over time. Compare the complexity of
>>LCA 2001 with that of LCA 2005.
> The trombones, the marching girls, the fireworks, the airships... (-:

The audio, the international speakers, the several evening events, the 
RDP, the LPI exams, the BOFs, the wireless coverage, the 600 people.

(Not that I thought LCA 2001 was bad or anything, it's just that the 
event has grown over time.)



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