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[Linux-aus] 2005/05/24 Committee Meeting Minutes (DRAFT)

Minutes for Linux Australia Committee Meeting
2005/05/24 21:00 +1000
Conducted over teleconference

   Pia Waugh (Vice-President)
   Anthony Towns (Secretary)
   Mark Tearle (Treasurer)
   Geoffrey Bennett

Absent with apologies:
   Jonathan Oxer (President)
   Andrew Cowie

   Stewart Smith

The meeting was opened by Pia Waugh, the meeting chair, at 21:07.

1. Establishment of LCA2006 sub-committee

  Motion: That the linux.conf.au 2006 sub-committee be formally
  established for the purpose of running the next linux.conf.au, to
  be held in Dunedin, New Zealand, in January 2006. The sub-committee
  shall be chaired by Mike Beattie, and shall initially comprise:

	Mike Beattie
	John Jenkins
	Alex King
	Nick Phillips
	Kelvin Sim
	Drew Whittle

  The sub-committee shall be authorised to spend and receive funds in
  Linux Australia's name for the purposes of running the conference, in
  accordance with procedures set out by Linux Australia's treasurer.

The motion was proposed by Pia Waugh, and seconded by Anthony Towns. The
motion was passed unanimously.

The formal portion of the meeting closed at 21:14.

Anthony Towns <secretary@linux.org.au>
Secretary, Linux Australia Inc