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Re: [Linux-aus] Linux-Aus Podcasting

On Sat, 2005-07-09 at 21:55, Pia Waugh wrote:
> Hey James,
> <quote who="James Purser">
> > Oh and one more thing, I am looking for someone in each state who would
> > be willing to give audio lug roundups for their state. If anybody is
> > interested just post here or send me an email off list.
> Not every LUG is on this list, I highly recommend you check out
> linux.org.au/usergroups and pick a LUG per month to pick on :) Perhaps start
> with Penguin LUG in Tasmania as it has a cool location ;) Or the new up and
> coming South Coast LUG.
> This idea rocks! Perhaps some stuff that could be a regular monthly thing
> would be:
> - LUG of the month (LUG profile)
> - Aussie news
> - Hacker/Project profile
> - LCA/events update
> Cheers,
> Pia
Sounds like a good idea, at the moment I am getting a little pounded as
Conrad Parker has mentioned the pilot.ogg in on his blog and that
appears on planet.gnome.org :) (Thanks Conrad)

Below is a basic rundown of the first episode:

- Interview with Jon Oxer(Have already contacted him and he seems
- LUG In Focus: Will start with SCLUG if Ashley agrees
- Project: I was going to start of with Git and try and get a couple of
the more active developers to comment. Linus is probably aiming too high
right now :)
- Coming Events: A Quick listing of upcoming events in the Australian
FOSS sphere
- LCA Update: Speak to Mike about where they are at and whats coming up.

Well that's a basic rundown, still open to change.

James Purser
Skype: purserj1977