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Re: [Linux-aus] Furthering an idea

On Mon, 2005-07-04 at 09:34, mikal@stillhq.com wrote:
> > Hi James,
> >
> > <quote who="James Purser">
> >
> >> I have just posted a little bit more on the idea on my site, if anyone
> >> is interested please let me know. I think it might help with the issue
> >> of "reconnecting" with members who don't slavishly follow this list.
> >>
> >> http://k-sit.com/articles.php?s_id=46&art_id=67
> >
> > I've replied to your blog and I'll reply here. We could collate the talks
> > at
> > LUGs around the country as podcasts for public consumption. If Linux
> > Australian offered to host such data, would that be useful? We are
> > pondering
> > this question at the moment in the committee. People could also easily
> > then
> > post audio news and such that way too.
> I, for one, am getting really rather into podcasting as a consumer, and
> think it is time for a good Australian Linux podcast. Lugradio is ok, but
> they're British, and the Podcast network's linux show is too newbie
> focused and done by an American.
> I need a crocodile hunter styled Linux podcast!
> (But I might be biased).
> Mikal
I'm going to put together a short 5 to 10 minute file and see how it
sounds. I should have it ready in the next couple of days.

Any ideas for segments or topics it should cover?
James Purser
Skype: purserj1977