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Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Mon Jul 4 19:57:04 UTC 2005

<quote who="Conrad Parker">

> I think that's a fine story, and not a misrepresentation at all. I agree
> with Jeff that it's not a misrepresentation of the discussion. I further
> don't think the discussion is a misrepresentation of the status of LA.
> LA is going through growing pains because it is a growing organisation.
> LA is growing because the community it serves and represents is growing.
> The Australian Linux community reaches well beyond the linux-aus list,
> and well beyond LA membership. It's great that something as trifling as a
> discussion of LA's organisational structure is not only considered
> newsworthy, but deserving of a well-researched article. Seriously:
>   For how many organisations of LA's size does "we're /thinking/ about
>   a re-organisation" make news?
> Coverage like this demonstrates LA's relevence beyond the LA membership,
> and will hopefully invite constructive comment from the broader Australian
> Linux community. Onya Leon for posting a link back to this list.

You're absolutely right. Thanks. :-)

> As Jeff suggests, it should also encourage us to remember that linux-aus
> is open. But there is no need to hide issues that concern us, to detach
> ourselves emotionally, or to pretend that LA is not driven by the passion
> of its membership.
> Please consider your wording before posting, but do post.

Hear, hear! (... and I hope that wasn't misunderstood in my email!)

- Jeff

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