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[Linux-aus] linux.conf.au in January


I would like to suggest that linux.conf.au's previously traditional January
date be documented [1] as an important convention or tradition [2] that we
should only deviate from in exceptional circumstances [3].

It's important to have a consistent timeframe for a conference (cf. OSCON,
LWE, OLS, most other major conferences in any industry), and Australia in
January has been a great drawcard for our international audience in previous

I brought this up at the AGM during the New Zealand [4] discussion, but it
is more appropriate for discussion here.


- Jeff

[1] On the website project page, or in the forthcoming linux.conf.au docs
    that have been mentioned a couple of times.

[2] Not saying "policy" because it was negatively interpreted as "law".

[3] Despite the lca2005 team doing a superb job, I don't consider "Canberra
    is hot in January" as an exceptional circumstance. :-)

[4] Congratulations, eh bro!

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