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[Linux-aus] Linux Australia online AGM - a success!

Hi all,

You'll be able to get the formal minutes of this meeting soon, however
in the meantime it is worth mentioning the AGM went great! We had about
40 people attend (on average) and we got some excellent discussion out
of it. We even worked our way through the entire agenda, although it
still took a little longer than hoped. There is a full log of the IRC
meeting at http://ds9.ethernal.org/~mjb/LA_AGM_07022005.tar.gz for
anyone interested. The AGM agenda was:


- Approval of Agenda
- Approval of previous Minutes
- Confirmation of Acts
- Reports from 2004 office bearers:
- Presentation of financials for fiscal year ended 30 Jun 2004:
- Update from conference chair, linux.conf.au 2005.
- Announcement of location for linux.conf.au 2006!
- Constitution amendment for not-for-profit compliance:
- Announcement of results of election, 2005 Managing Committee
- Close of Meeting

and the notification was

Thanks to all who participated. The report from 2005 and 2006 LCA
organisers were great. LCA2006 at Dunedin NZ was officially announced,
and the rest can wait for the minutes :)

Pia Smith
Vice President
Linux Australia -- http://www.linux.org.au
linux.conf.au 2005 -- http://www.linux.conf.au