[Linux-aus] Choosing the LCA '07 host city

Steven Hanley sjh at svana.org
Mon Dec 19 15:06:02 UTC 2005

Quote: Karin Purser <lugroundup at k-sit.com>
> I have read both Sydney and Melbournes proposals.  Sydney has an
> excellent proposal that oozes excitement and copious amounts of
> energy. It also goes into alot more detail as to what is planned for
> the event.

Okay so I had a read of the responses Glen and Jeff put in later in this
thread also. (both Glen and Jeff have a lot of lca experience for various
obvious reasons)

One of the things I think is to the advantage of the Sydney crew, not simply
the energy Jeff talks about, but the experience with LCA directly. Looking
at the bid on this list from Jeff, and the original post by AfC among other
things (Glen's suggestion of Heard Island was fantastic IMO, something new
and different after the suggestion of Broome for a few years)

I have not looked at the Melbourne proposal, though I recall seeing some
discussion related to it months ago.

Assuming Sydney people are actually keen to run another lca so soon they
seem to have a rather good handle on things. However if you think about it
it Melbourne has never really run LCA (CALU was Rusty's baby to a rather
massive extent)

I personally think it is a shame Woolongong had to pull out this time, also
it is a shame Hobart has not appeared on the radar again in the last year
or two. The ability to roam around the country is a good thing, however the
ability to get people involved heavily in doing a big important thing for
the Australian (Australasian?) Linux community from many different areas is
also of much import.

This however does get to an important point, the need for a committed group
of people to run it and a figurehead for the conference. As Anand pointed
out to me a while back, one of the reasons lca2004 and lca2003 worked so
damn well was because of Michael Davies and James Bromberger supplying a
central figurehead for external notice. The committed group of good people
is also of great import (possibly more so), for lca2005 I had the most
incredible group of people working with me, all of them through the year or
more leading up to the conference were fantastic (Tony Breeds, Jeremy Kerr,
Michael Still, Andrew Pollock, Bob Edwards, Chris Yeoh, Alli Russell, Rusty
Russell, Michael Bennett, Kristy Bennett, Martin Pool, Brad Hards, Neill
Rob Bolin) and the conference working out is thanks to them.

Now this is something that is very difficult to do on a mailing list with
some geographically spread group of people, work out if there is a team of
committed people raring to go with the ability and time to do so in the city
putting in the bid.

I do not recall all the people who were involved heavily with the Sydney
LCA, however I know a lot of them are still local and can offer help and
information when needed. (even if they will not once more all give up their
lives for a year to run the conference), however the response from the LA
committee members who have spoken with (and possibly visited) the team in
each city would be helpful here, if this process is going to be nice and
open, finding out the level of commitment perceived from an impartial
observer for each location would be useful.

Of course one other point is that often a few more people will come out of
the woodwork once a bid is successful.

Who is the Melbourne Figurehead? (Jon?) Who is the Sydney Figurehead?

        See You

... I do not think I actually said anything much here, I kind of just
rambled a lot, ahh well, something for my first post to linux-aus I guess

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