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Re: [Linux-aus] Linux Australia President's update

On Thu, 28 Apr 2005 22:34:53 +1000, Michael Still <mikal@stillhq.com> wrote:

Jonathan Oxer wrote:

State Reps
Each state has been assigned an LA Committee member who is responsible
for maintaining contact with LUGS and representing them to the rest of
the Committee. Since there was a bit of doubling-up of locations the
assignments don't all follow the state of origin of each member. Details
of the state-reps program are on the LA website at
www.linux.org.au/australia/lug-comms.php but the names are out of date
so if someone with sufficient access (ie: not me!) to make changes to
the site could make the necessary changes to the list I'd appreciate it.

Would it be possible to list the state reps in email until the website can be updated?


Hi I'm gareth.
I'm the Tasmanian president; I lurk.
I hack the linux to make it do the basics for normal folks and the 'exacatly what i want (bloody)' for my own uses.
I just made the Tas website out of xoops.org cause plone broke.
I fixy the computers.
The Ben (Czaxx) came to play at teh linux.conf.au and He speaks highly of his time there.
I stand tall in advocacy for FOSS and open communication.
I like reading about the FOSS things in Oz.
It makes me happy.
There are other things.



There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.

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