[Linux-aus] Re: LCA, eh

Michael Davies michael at msdavies.net
Fri Apr 29 15:11:02 UTC 2005

Del said:
>> Are the DH convention centres really suitable for something in the style
>> of
>> LCA, though?  I haven't been to a lot of events there, but it seems more
>> something that you'd hold a trade show in than a largely lecture-style
>> conference -- large open rooms and suchlike.  Maybe they're hiding the
>> lecture theatres somewhere out the back I haven't been to yet.
> AUUG was held there very successfully in 1995.  There were a large number
> of lecture theatres available of various sizes.  They held it in
> conjunction
> with the Asia-Pacific WWW Conference & exhibition and had over 5000 people
> through the doors of the exhibition, with about 900 at the conference.
> The
> following year it was in Melbourne at the World Congress Centre, and in
> 1997 it was at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

linux.conf.au is what it is partially because of it's size.  Growing the
conference will turn it into LinuxWorld, and that is something that we may
not *want* to do.  Why does linux.conf.au attract some of the best
speakers on the planet?  Because it is a relaxed, low pressure, high clue
factor, low fanboy conference.  Double the conference size and that will

Let's not be obsessed with size shall we?  How about we just run a damn
good conference?

> No, but if AUUG can do it, and turn a profit, then so can LCA, OSIA, or
> any other such organisation.

If profit is your motive, go ahead.  I'd prefer to have a cool conference

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