[Linux-aus] Re: LCA, eh

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Fri Apr 29 16:56:03 UTC 2005


>linux.conf.au is what it is partially because of it's size.  Growing the
>conference will turn it into LinuxWorld, and that is something that we may
>not *want* to do.  Why does linux.conf.au attract some of the best
>speakers on the planet?  Because it is a relaxed, low pressure, high clue
>factor, low fanboy conference.  Double the conference size and that will
Double the conference size and the conference size will be twice what it 
is in the year 2005....it's maths and that is all that it is.

>Let's not be obsessed with size shall we?  How about we just run a damn
>good conference?
On the other hand, putting it bluntly, size doesn't always matter. It's 
what one does with it. If Linux Australia is willing to believe that a 
bunch of people from Adelaide, Canberra or Dunedin can run a 
Linux.Conf.Au successfully - which the first two have and the latter has 
no obvious reason to not achieve the same result - then why don't we 
have the confidence we can't manage a large conference just as successfully?

I just put that thought in for you to think about. We *are* obsessed 
with size. The current Linux Australia committee seems to like things 
small. Big things don't hurt as much as you think - it's a mindset 
thing...trust me on that one.

>If profit is your motive, go ahead.  I'd prefer to have a cool conference
I think the increasing size of Linux conferences (in general) is 
inevitable. If Linux increases its market saturation, then clearly there 
are more people who might want to go to Linux conferences. And this will 
include developer conferences, because the more people using Linux, the 
more developers there's going to be.

So, why don't we stop this "OMG, it's only 600 -ever-" and work out what 
we could do, NOT NOW, with say "1000 competent developers in one 
geographical location at a time who want to listen to the world's best 
on how they can develop Linux". Think outside the square...we're 
Australian. We're New Zealanders. We don't have to turn a LARGE 
Linux.Conf.Au into a Linux World. It's ours - and we get to set the 

And the agenda, I hope, will get bigger...


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