[Linux-aus] Re: LCA, eh

Con Zymaris conz at cyber.com.au
Thu Apr 28 11:12:02 UTC 2005

On Thu, Apr 28, 2005 at 10:20:42AM +1000, Del wrote:
> >
> >Are the DH convention centres really suitable for something in the style of
> >LCA, though?  I haven't been to a lot of events there, but it seems more
> >something that you'd hold a trade show in than a largely lecture-style
> >conference -- large open rooms and suchlike.  Maybe they're hiding the
> >lecture theatres somewhere out the back I haven't been to yet.
> AUUG was held there very successfully in 1995.  There were a large number
> of lecture theatres available of various sizes.  They held it in conjunction

Yes, AUUG did the convention centre thing from about 1990 through '96, but
keep in mind that this was when AUUG was at it's most Uniforum-esque - a
far cry from the flavour and ethos of what LCA is on about. 

Also, I think segmenting the event into different venues/dates is a
negative. For many of us nowdays, the biggest plus of LCA is knowing you
can go to one event and catch up with all the people that matter.

Finally, IDG/AES are launching a business-focussed FOSS event in Sydney, 
which may soak up some/many of the non-techs who would otherwise be on a 
flight path to LCA2007. This may relieve enough pressure for LCA to 
continue in its current form.

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