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Craig Warner craigw at blue.net.au
Mon Nov 29 19:27:02 UTC 2004

Pia Smith wrote:

>On Sat, 2004-11-27 at 14:42 +1100, Craig Warner wrote:
>>I going to use  this  book and article  in next batch of letters to all 
>>NSW Senators and my  useless  Labour  local  member .
>>Not going to give up with out a  fight.
>Rock on Craig! Anyone else who cares about this stuff should also be
>writing letters. At least to your local members of parliament. There are
>some components of the FTA, namely the DMCA-like bits which the Aus
>government have 2 years to implement. This means we have 2 years in
>which to get some people educated on the issues, and make our concerns
>known, potentially avoiding the implementation into our legislation of
>completely cracked laws (as opposed to a partially cracked laws). There
>are some bits that are effective immediately, and although I'm not sure
>of the exact details (IANAL), check out groklaw.org, Rusty's blog
>(http://ozlabs.org/~rusty/), and the linux.org.au/projects/fta/ if you
>haven't already. Anyone interested in helping out get in contact :)

Its the least I can do, other then vote!

Today I went out and purchased a copy of  "How to kill the a country', 
for $24 it was worth the effort to go the 2nd floor of Dymocks on George 

(There are lotsa of copies, next to "Stupid White Men".)

Believe the opening lines expresses the beliefs of the authors, and I 
quote from the book:

'How to kill a country' is obviously a strong way to open a book. It 
runs the risk of  being dismissed as an overstatement. It runs the risk 
of sounding extremist.

 From that line, I feel the authors are trying to get a public debate 
happening, sadly lacking in the corporate media.

Perhaps other then write to the NSW Senators and my local useless Labor 
member, I should dig deep and sent each one a copy!

With summer break for the polllies coming up, it may give them something 
to read on the 1st class trips overseas on fact finding missions.


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