[Linux-aus] Headline - Gates, Howard launch $40m project

William Croft wcroft at west.com.au
Tue Jun 29 12:29:01 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 29 June 2004 11:05, Pia Smith wrote:
> Dear linux-aus,
> Pia Smith wants you to know about this story on http://smh.com.au.

Thanks Pia 

> Personal Message:
> We _really_ need to get organised. We should be organising these kinds of
> initiatives. We should be supporting computerbank more as we are losing
> this battle. What good will 100 microsoft driven community centres do, when
> they get caught in the loop, and start spending community money sustaining
> the microsoft environment? We could always offer the gov an alt way to
> spend the generous donation ;)

Generous my A***  - how much A$ went off shore buying MS crap this month?

I shudder to think what deals were stitched up while Bill and his guys were in 
town "giving it away"....

William Croft

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