[Linux-aus] Re: Financial information in public committee minutes

Del del at babel.com.au
Wed Jun 16 14:18:04 UTC 2004

> These are actually pretty hard numbers to come by (as i understand it)
> as you have the bank balances, what has yet to be processed and all that
> stuff. So there's manual work in getting all this done and
> ('consolidating' - sounds like a money word) the accounts.

Umm, with all due respect, something like Gnucash will do all
of that for you.  There are a number of other bits of software
that will do it too.  I get these numbers out of the software
I use to run my business accounts, and that's an OpenOffice

> Mark does give us a real detailed view on the current scenario to the
> ctte list, although this is largely unofficial due to the "this still
> has to go through" and "we're waiting for this to show up" bits of it.
> So, as for not making it all into the public minutes, it's probably due
> to these ambiguities and not wanting to put things down that were
> prepared as a status report and not as official financial documents.

OK, well whatever.  I'm not that fussy.  I'd just be interested
in a rough ball park figure of what LA has coming in and going
out so that I have some confidence that we can afford to have
a $15K draw-down handed out to computerbank.


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