[Linux-aus] Re: Financial information in public committee minutes

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Wed Jun 16 15:21:29 UTC 2004

Del wrote:

>> Mark does give us a real detailed view on the current scenario to the
>> ctte list, although this is largely unofficial due to the "this still
>> has to go through" and "we're waiting for this to show up" bits of it.
>> So, as for not making it all into the public minutes, it's probably due
>> to these ambiguities and not wanting to put things down that were
>> prepared as a status report and not as official financial documents.
> OK, well whatever.  I'm not that fussy.  I'd just be interested
> in a rough ball park figure of what LA has coming in and going
> out so that I have some confidence that we can afford to have
> a $15K draw-down handed out to computerbank.

It is the committee's opinion that we do have enough money for the 
ComputerBank line of credit, otherwise we wouldn't have recommended 
acceptance of the grant application.

We believe that we have enough funds to cover the budget amount of 
$3,000 per calendar month for grants.


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