[Linux-aus] Conference CD update

Jason King pizza at netspace.net.au
Fri Jul 23 09:24:01 UTC 2004

On Fri, 2004-07-23 at 01:57, Anand Kumria wrote:
> Yes and as far I know, the DVD is also ready and awaiting duplication
> and posting. Anyway from some of the private replies I had there are a
> number of people working on getting both the CD and DVD out to people.
> It would seem it'll be a few more weeks however.

I've had a chat with one or two people.  This is what happening at the
moment.  My CD image is in a state where it can be shipped.  it would be
nice if I had some feedback on it , and if anyone gives me some I can
make changes and upload a new ISO in a day. So I'm not really concerned
about its state at the moment.

I have no idea what state the DVD is in , I haven't heard much about it.

The artwork is in an unknown state (unknown to me) , and that appears to
be on someone's machine where the IP address just changed , so it can't
be reached.

Michael still is overseas right now , and can't do much about things. 
Dan shearer is just going overseas right now.  He was waiting for the
artwork, but that didn't appear in time.

So yeah , things are a bit of a mess at the moment.  If the LA ctte
agrees , (and if I think its possible that I can run this from what I
presume is a different state from where the duplication is happening ,
etc) then I'll take this over.  I'm just hunting through old emails for
URLs for any artwork that is floating around for this.

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