[Linux-aus] State representation on the board

Stewart Smith stewart at linux.org.au
Thu Jan 8 23:22:01 UTC 2004

On Thu, 2004-01-08 at 22:48, Anthony Towns wrote:
> The main reason for this is that no one in Qld thinks LA particularly
> matters. It's been a Sydney-obsessed thing forever, and whenever we try
> to broaden its horizons, we get told we're not kickarse enough.

I'm sure qld is kick-arse enough for LA :)

I've got a tentative plan to be in Qld (around brisbane) for at least a
week in Feb (no travel booked or anything, going to be organising dates
around family there) - maybe meeting up then (as well as at the conf
next week) to discuss QLD related issues would be profitable?

I understand the value of physical presence - and would be happy to come
(and hey, even say a few words) at whatever UG meetings I can make.

lunch/dinner/beer at conf would rock too. Heck, I'm being Pia's
scheduler for everyone else at the conf - she can come too :)

> (For reference, I don't really like quotas, and I'm inclined to think
> with a few extra slots up for election this wouldn't be a problem. I'm
> also inclined to think that this doesn't need a permanent solution
> with any great urgency. But on the other hand, I think this issue --
> local representation being useful above and beyond just diversity and
> new blood -- is worth a bit more serious consideration, and some more
> persuasive support, than I think it's been given so far.)

Sounds like a good topic for discussions post-LA AGM at the conf. Could
really benefit from being face to face.
Stewart Smith (stewart at linux.org.au)
Vice President, Linux Australia

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