[Linux-aus] Next time, ask before you accuse.

Andrew Cowie andrew at operationaldynamics.com
Thu Jan 8 19:41:02 UTC 2004

On Thu, 2004-01-08 at 21:12, Anthony Towns wrote:
> Pia's been
> blogging from Geneva or something for some reason that seems LA related.

I'm going to stomp on that right now.

Pia was in Geneva attending the UN World Summit on the Information
Society as a part of the LPI delegation. She was able to contribute to
various sub-sessions of the summit, and helped staff LPI's booth.

She paid for her own travel out of her own pocket. She was able to stop
there en route to China, where she is taking a course presently. The
Summit itself was courtesy of the UN and the government of Switzerland.

I was also there, volunteering my time on behalf of LPI, and I likewise
paid my own way.

As it happens, a small detail that bears favourably on Linux Australia
did occur while we were there (which we'll be announcing at the
conference). However, even in spite of that, LINUX AUSTRALIA MADE NO

That you were too impolite to ask privately before making accusations in
public speaks poorly of your character - and besmirches your otherwise
well deserved (and hard earned) reputation.


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