[Linux-aus] Re: [LACTTE] Constitution Version 6 - Last one!

Stewart Smith stewart at linux.org.au
Wed Jan 7 18:46:46 UTC 2004

On Wed, 2004-01-07 at 21:01, Bret Busby wrote:
> > Sorry, but a lot of people disagreed with you. Being able to voice a concern
> > does not necessarily mean that you will get your way.

And welcome to democracy! We encourage people having a say. This is why
we wanted to put all changes to constitution etc forward at a GM at the
conf - where the overwhelming majority of our members would be able to
be there IN PERSON, participate, feel and *BE* involved.

> Ah, people may have disagreed with me, but, I was not the only one who 
> objected to the list being open to all, with non-subscribers being 
> allowed to post, or, who was getting fed up with a spam to message ratio 
> of about 3:1.

The arguments have been put forward before - and you're not contributing
anything new - shut up.

> > > And, it has taken over a year, to get to "hey, maybe it is not a bad 
> > > idea - let's think about it"? Well, I suppose, that is the purpose of 
> > > committees...
> It is not a matter of "conspired efforts to annoy" me; it is more 
> disappointment that what would have been useful, apears to have gone 
> through the "committee routine" - if you want an idea stopped, send it 
> to a committee".

So you'd prefer some kind of secret SGM held in a small back street of
melbourne in the middle of the year with me and a couple of people
picked up off the street to change the constitution? Stop contradicting
yourself - get something to say that's constructive and helpful or don't
say anything at all.

> A year is a long time, for a simple change, to have waited before being 

"simple change" - you just proved you have no idea what you're talking
about. Go change the Australian constitution on a whim - go on.

> even considered by the committee. It could have been implemented, 
> somehow, via postal polling, surely, if no other way. Dispensation could 
> probably have been obtained, from the NSW Commissioner of Fair Trading, 
> or whatever is responsible.

"Hi Mr (or Mrs) Legal Man/Woman - we'd like to ignore our constitution -
PLEASE"  - we can't just send all members to Cuba for a vote.

> If such polling to change the constitution, to allow for the 
> practicality of Internet voting and meetings, could not have been so 
> brought about, it should have been able to be brought about without 
> requiring the holding of the Linux conference, otherwise, once again, it 
> goes to the issue of the separation of Linux Australia, from the 
> conference and its attendees, and, whether Linux Australia is really 
> just for the conference attendees.

How come when you put the phone to your ear all I could hear was the

Proxy votes, online discussion, online membership. WHat do you want -
fly everybody to Alice (pretty central to .au) and have a meeting there?
great use of funds - we'll help the .au linux community by having
pointless debate.

> > > What recourse does a WA member have, if the rules are broken? Fly over to
> > > NSW and complain to the courts or regulatory body, in NSW? We are not all
> > > millionaires.

Vote them out you idiot.

> And then, localities will prevail, and, those not resident in the state 
> of incorporation, will lose, if registration is not federal.

I'm not a lawyer - i don't know all the details - if there's a good
reason to seek legal advice about where/how we're registered - PUT THE
ARGUMENT FORWARD. and QUOTE from legal sources.

> Federal registration would be simpler, and, easier to manage, if it is 
> implemented properly. it is that simple.

this isn't an argument - it's heresay

Yes - by arguing that committees don't do anything you hit a real sore
point - i've been up late, working long hours to make sure people's
membership is processed promptly and you've done the exact opposite of a
"rock on" mail. piss off and find something useful to say. THread over.

P.S. (to others) - despite what this mail sounds like I'm actually a
pretty nice guy and quite balanced - check the archives. Plus, I needed
to balance Jeff's rational calm voice.
Stewart Smith <stewart at linux.org.au>
Linux Australia Inc
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