Michael Davies nomination (was Re: [Linux-aus] Nominations page - updated)

Michael Davies michael at msdavies.net
Tue Jan 6 06:56:02 UTC 2004

<quote who="Pia Smith">
> On that note, I'd like to nominate Michael Davies for an ordinary
> member. > I'm not sure how much he will want _any_ community> responsibility next year after LCA :) but he is a shining example to the
> community. He is organised, energetic, fair, politically correct and
> a wonderful person. I'll ask whether you accept before putting
> the nomination up ;) Michael?

Hi all,

I accept Pia's nomination.  Thank you Pia for your confidence (pulled the
wool over your eyes :-)

About Michael Davies:

Michael would like to elected to Linux Australia as an ordinary committee
member.  After the experience of leading the organising of Linux.Conf.Au
2004 Michael thinks he could help Linux Australia make it to the next
level.  He is passionate about open-source and free software, and wants to
make a difference.

Michael has been part of the local Adelaide Linux community since about
Red Hat 5.0.  Since that time he's been an active member of LinuxSA, the
local South Australian LUG, and a less active member of AUUG.  Through a
number of installfests and more recently Linux.Conf.Au, Michael has shown
he can get things done.  By day Michael works as a software engineer or a
large multi-national company, doing everything from embedded software
development to web applications, leading software teams, and managing

He thinks Linux Australia should be truely representative of LUGs all
around the country, and should strive to have good working relationships
with other groups such as AUUG, the ACS, and other such professional
associations.  Michael feels sorry for the organisers of Linux.Conf.Au
2005 and wants to help ease their load.

Known affiliations and biases: LinuxSA and AUUG member, Linux,
open-source, free sofware and GNOME zealot :-)
Michael Davies               Linux.Conf.Au Adelaide Jan 12-17 2004
michael at msdavies dot net  Australia's National Linux Conference

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