[Linux-aus] Promoting FOSS in Australia

Ben Minton benminton at austarnet.com.au
Fri Feb 20 07:50:02 UTC 2004

I read the .pdf @ the OSV site. Very concise and powerful, hope that at
least it will be added to the litany of current complaints but will it
do any good? Will they, SCO AU/NZ, really care?

A lot of the subscribers to this list are business leaders and community
stalwarts, whom have already complained/petitioned and received little
or no response from SCO, on multiple occasions. I am not detracting from
the current or future efforts of the OSV or others like them, but
commenting on the incalcitrance of SCO to deal with this equitably.

It seems ludricous (sic) that in this modern age a business could
actually receive so many communiques, via so many avenues, regarding an
issue and yet not respond; to either acknowledge the complaint, to
advise of redirection, future assessment/review or even dismissal of the

It seems their policy is a bit firewall in ethos; lots of packets out,
but none or little in and then only from trusted origins ... and we know
which domain that would be, don't we? 8-) 

It seems that the .gov.au needs to become involved if only to promote an
open discussion of this issue with all parties. While it is admirable
that the ACCC may potentially address this issue via the Trade Practices
Act, given their previous performance since inception (1995), it does
not bode well for successful action, of any significant kind for the OSS
commnity here in Australia.

I think that the OSS AU should not only involve the ACCC but their
respective state/territory counterparts and their electorate Senators.
Senatorial oversight and investigation is a very useful tool, one that I
have been using wih ever increasing success against our friendly Telco
.. Telstra.

Would it be worthwhile for the OSS AU community to contact every single
Senator representing every locality inhabited by members of the
community, which by proxy is probably everywhere and get them to contact
SCO /AUNZ on behalf of their constituents?

Is this a political fight? Should it become one? Given our .gov.au 's
preference for proprietry business solutions being reinforced by poorly
structured purchasing and support contracts, maybe this is the next

That's irony ... getting the gov to tell the gov to change 8-)

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