[Linux-aus] Re: [osv-list]Danish government on OS

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Fri Feb 20 15:56:02 UTC 2004

Con Zymaris wrote:

>On Thu, Feb 19, 2004 at 11:07:04PM +1100, Nathan Bailey wrote:
>(feel free to disseminate)
(report about danish report deleted)

Is there any concentrated site/page of all these links?

I mean - I don't know if this has reached Australia yet, but Microsoft 
has launched a world
wide "Get the facts" campaign (http://www.microsoft.com/getthefacts). It 
on MS funded "research" trying to convince the crowd that MS is cheaper 
than FOSS.

Concentrating a page with links like the one above and others and 
pointing the press to it
might be an effective counter measure.



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