[Linux-aus] Never mind the MyDoom crap, make some noise about this!

Ryan Verner xfesty at computeraddictions.com.au
Mon Feb 9 17:05:01 UTC 2004

On 09/02/2004, at 7:00 PM, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> http://www.dfat.gov.au/trade/negotiations/us_fta/outcomes/ 
> 08_intellectual_property.html
> Seriously scary stuff, that we *need* to address.

Yeow, no kidding :-(

There's a slashdot story about this, maybe where you saw the article,  
but relevant to some degree anyway:


Didn't the UK go through something like this ~6 months back, but  
because of the reactions of (mostly) the OSS community, it didn't go  
through? (maybe it's a different issue, in which case, sorry - I didn't  
follow it very closely)  Surely this means there's relevant material  
(literature, etc) produced that we can use?

People need to be educated what this really means in real terms.



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