[Linux-aus] Meeting Minutes, Committee Activities, Constitution?

Kimberly Shelt kim at linmagau.org
Wed Oct 29 00:18:02 UTC 2003

On Wed, Oct 29, 2003 at 02:36:08AM +1100, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> Hey all,
> I've been wondering what LA has been up to recently, and realised that we
> haven't seen any minutes announced on linux-aus for a while now. So I
> checked the website [1] to see if they were published there, but the last
> minutes are from June. I'm sure it hasn't been that quiet in LA-land, given

Check here...
Last updated Oct I think..
> that LCA is rapidly approaching! (Can't wait...)

agreed. :)

> On that note, it's probably about time for things to get rolling with open
> elections this year... will we be voting on the changes to the constitution
> at LCA? It would be nice to get them cleaned up properly this year, so
> elections can be held independently of LCA (preferably online) in future.

Why independantly ?. why not in conjunction ?
ie folks at lca vote and people who do not /cannot attend do it online ?

> (As a side point, the minutes seem incredibly verbose and formal, except for
> the text-format document from March. It's far easier to read and digest than
> the others, both in format and style. Would be great to see further minutes
> like this! There is a note about formality and 'legal requirements' at the
> top of this page - in my experience of associations in .au and .us, minutes
> need only be representative of the meeting's discourse, not of a particular
> written style or format.)
Not sure .. I would guess it is related directly to the "rules" of the group..
some explicity state all or nothing.. some nothing at all..

There have been a number of threads started in this list regards the
constitution.. and voting.. didnt see an outcome or changes if any ?

Personally I would like to see just general rantings..notes of what things
have been discussed, point form.. things on the boil..
Doesnt need to be huge detail..just enough to keep all the members 
aware the committee is working hard :).. 


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