[Linux-aus] Meeting Minutes, Committee Activities, Constitution?

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Tue Oct 28 23:38:18 UTC 2003

Hey all,

I've been wondering what LA has been up to recently, and realised that we
haven't seen any minutes announced on linux-aus for a while now. So I
checked the website [1] to see if they were published there, but the last
minutes are from June. I'm sure it hasn't been that quiet in LA-land, given
that LCA is rapidly approaching! (Can't wait...)

On that note, it's probably about time for things to get rolling with open
elections this year... will we be voting on the changes to the constitution
at LCA? It would be nice to get them cleaned up properly this year, so
elections can be held independently of LCA (preferably online) in future.

(As a side point, the minutes seem incredibly verbose and formal, except for
the text-format document from March. It's far easier to read and digest than
the others, both in format and style. Would be great to see further minutes
like this! There is a note about formality and 'legal requirements' at the
top of this page - in my experience of associations in .au and .us, minutes
need only be representative of the meeting's discourse, not of a particular
written style or format.)

Thanks, keen to hear how things are going,

- Jeff

[1] http://linux.org.au/minutes/

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