[Linux-aus] Spam Happens

Tom Swann tom.swann at jcu.edu.au
Tue Mar 11 21:58:01 UTC 2003

Hi David

No it wasn't an answer to you. Just a statement of fact. If we all ignore the 
spam e-mails, which seems to be happening, despite the best efforts of the anti 
spam programs, and just delete them. I am suggesting that those who are getting 
their kicks out of this may not be so gratified.

Let's not turn the spam items into a thread. By all means let's have threads on 
the best methods to rid the web of these obnoxious practices, but let's not hop 
on the bandwagon by adding our posts to the spam, and spread it over and over 
again through our mail list.

And sorry but I don't have any better program available to identify the rubbish.

Tom Swann 
mailto:tom.swann at jcu.edu.au

Quoting David Lloyd <lloy0076 at adam.com.au>:

> Tom,
> > Spam like that other 's' word happens. Perhaps if we just ignore it
> If that was a reply to me you've broken the thread. I am going to assume
> that it was. I don't suppose you happen to have an answer to my real
> question in [ ] which was basically is there an intellignet, eg Bayesian
> filter thingo, that people have experience with and use on this list.
> I happen to get at least 400 e-mails over about 5 hours so no matter
> what I do I tend to get some spam. Spamassassin zaps most of it. The
> only spam I talk about is spam that gets past it.
> Seeing that some list administrators won't close the subscription list
> to lists I have to rely on other tools, eg spamassassin, to shunt the
> spam sideways. Which I do...I don't know if my X-Spam-Headers carry
> across a "reply" but I am using it. I'm simply asking for a way to avoid
> the spam on this list seeing that noone else seems to be saying
> something about it (except maybe Bret).
> I won't ignore what my current tools don't. That's the whole POINT of
> using spam zapping tools...
> ;-P

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