[Linux-aus] Spam Happens

Patrick Lesslie patricklesslie at ihug.com.au
Wed Mar 12 01:57:02 UTC 2003

David Lloyd wrote:
> I don't suppose you happen to have an answer to my real
> question in [ ] which was basically is there an intellignet, eg Bayesian
> filter thingo, that people have experience with and use on this list.

There has been some discussion of exactly this topic on the SLUG list
recently.  This thread should help you for example:


> I happen to get at least 400 e-mails over about 5 hours so no matter
> what I do I tend to get some spam. Spamassassin zaps most of it. The
> only spam I talk about is spam that gets past it.

You have my sympathies, getting so much email.

> I'm simply asking for a way to avoid
> the spam on this list seeing that noone else seems to be saying
> something about it (except maybe Bret).

Actually Jeff said some directly relevant things on this topic.
Other people too have made relevant posts about spam discussion

> I won't ignore what my current tools don't. That's the whole POINT of
> using spam zapping tools...
> ;-P

Is it the point of linux-aus?  It does seem to be the point of
some other lists.  Have you tried, for example:


Patrick Lesslie

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