[Linux-aus] Microsft a Reality? Get Over It?? - A followup

Brent Wallis brent.w at infosynergy.com.au
Thu Mar 6 15:11:01 UTC 2003

I'll tackle these FIFO...:)
David some very valid points but one worthy of major note:

	>Just because it is free does not mean anything in
	>regard to marketing. 
	Linux and Open Source software costs money! Make no mistake. We charge for others to have it installed by us and so does everyone else!
	Whilst I may understand your use is meant to indicate "Freedom" I feel it is one of the less fortunate parts of the Open Source Paradigm. If you want Open Source and GNU/Linux to shine through, then speak of it as such. Using the "F" word clouds the real issues at stake, which is that the Open Source development model is not a "hobyist" ideal. Open Source has devloped some very sound heuristics which produce robust and valuable software.
	Don;t fall into the M$ trap and help them along by using the "F" word...:)
	Their marketing people just love us for it...:)
	>People will often pay for a bad solution because
	>they have comfort that they have spent a lot of money so it must be
	>good. On the other side people will often go with a free solution
	>because of cost ("Linux"). The people who go with a free solution need
	>to be marketed to senior management that the solution is stable and
	>works. The free solution has to be marketed as a good solid solution to
	>senior management in companies otherwise it will never be accepted as a
	>choice by larger companies. Certainly Linux sneaks in because of techs
	>that run it outside of management's knowledge but until senior
	>management can start to see it as a choice rather than that free
	>software it will not gain mainstream acceptance as a solution.
	Note that the "known" Linux desktop install base out there now exceeds MAC OS!!! Think of how much cash has been spent on marketing MACs and how much on Linux......Linux= $0 , Macs = $mega. In the end, it's success upon success that will win. A lot slower mind you, but a solid issue for the long run!
	In a given market, where 2 competitors are basically the same in revenue margin and fixed costs, it's the corporates who investigate the new and make it work that win. All those out there that ignore Open Source are actually doing so at their own peril! They could end up with an very expensive infrastructure, locked into the MS way, and their competitors could slip underneath them with Linux, lower their fixed costs, increase their margin....and the rest as they say is history. Getting it out there is all it takes. Make it work, take the attitiude that we install something then visit those people once a year for Christmas drinks and a chat about new stuff....that is what is happening now, that is what will win! Reality in the end can;t be marketed down no matter what...you can;t compare Novell et al with Open Source, they are like Apples and Concrete....:) Viva Open Source, Reality Bites...etc etc etc..:)

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