[Linux-aus] Microsft a Reality? Get Over It?? - A followup

Terry Dawson terry at animats.net
Fri Mar 7 06:44:01 UTC 2003

On Thu, 6 Mar 2003 06:10 pm, Brent Wallis wrote:

> 	Note that the "known" Linux desktop install base out there now exceeds MAC
> OS!!! Think of how much cash has been spent on marketing MACs and how much
> on Linux......Linux= $0 , Macs = $mega. In the end, it's success upon
> success that will win. A lot slower mind you, but a solid issue for the
> long run!

It's completly untrue to say that no money has been spent marketing Linux. 

Many companies have invested considerable amounts of money promoting Linux. 
Red Hat, Caldera and SuSE are obvious ones, more recently IBM, and locally 
some of our home-grown vendors advertise and market too.

Of course I'm not completely disagreeing with your point. Linux didn't start 
to get actively marketed in the mainstream sense until the grass-roots 
marketing had already done an effective job of making it worth paying 
attention to.


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