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> The other thing I've been doing it putting together a project, external to
> the CIT, off my own back for CIT students. The eventual idea is they will
> be given the job of putting together and maintaining a Linux network
> running various services particularly aimed at students (web based mail
> system, content management systems) so they can see the skills they've
> been using applied in the real world. I'm sure this sort of thing has been
> done before and I would be really interested if anyone could give me
> pointers on ways to go about setting up systems, locating cheap (or even
> better free) hardware and hopefully even support from companies.


There isn't a ComputerBank as far as I know in Canberra. However, talk to
the NSW ComputerBank or the Victorian one and see if they'll donate a few
machines to start your project off.

OF COURSE, the first task your students could actually "do" is buy the
hardware. You could find a friendly hardware sponsor who gives the students
some "funny money" which they get to plan what they can buy with.

BTW: See the stop press at:

 * http://educationalinux.adam.com.au/


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