[Linux-aus] Re:[Linux-aus]job database

Terry Dawson terry at animats.net
Sun Feb 16 19:46:01 UTC 2003

On Sun, 16 Feb 2003 14:43, Kimberly Shelt wrote:

> Thinking from another side then..
> There are many external sites already handling job search db's..
> Companies are more likely to position thier advs within existing
> "well known" sites to get better coverage or perhaps they already have an
> agreement with some of thses ?

Most large companies looking to recruit IT professionals use recruitment 
agencies. Over the past year or two there have been an increasing number of 
recruitment agencies posting job advertisements to the Linux Australia Job 
Database. I think that speaks for itself.

As the person primarily responsible for the management of the jobs database 
since its creation in November 1998 I can supply some hard data as to its 
use. The LA jobs database has seen 365 posted jobs, most of those were in 
2000/2001. The jobs that the LA jobs database accepted were strictly Linux 
jobs, not Unix jobs. In taht time we've had numerous positive responses from 
people both looking for jobs and from those looking to recruit. We've 
additionally had a number of repeat users, some companies have used the 
service many times looking for Linux-trained staff.

Analysis of the website log files shows that the jobs database is the most 
commonly hit page of any significance.

There was a time where I fed a periodically posted message onto various 
Usenet newsgroups (aus.jobs, and related) advertising availability of the 
service. That hasn't happened for a while (it was never reinstated after a 
hard drive crash on the server). That may explain part of the decline, 
combined of course, with other avenues popping up for Linux Job postings. 
This is the first time I've seen it empty.

I personally have always believed that Linux Australia had an important role 
to serve in providing a free and unencumbered mechanism for managing Linux 
jobs in Australia. I personally don't think anything has changed really.

I think Linux Australia should continue to operate the Jobs database, and to 
promote it. I additionally think it makes sense to invite the various IT 
recruitment agencies to make free use of it too. Promotion is the key.


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