[Linux-aus] Two conf's

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Sat Feb 8 14:22:02 UTC 2003


>   no extra work (someone's already organising those conferences
>   anyway) a chance to work with the AUUG guys more regularly,
>   conferences can be 
>     cross-promoted, more good will in general


>   less conflict: l.c.a is the premier developers con, AUUG has the
>   premier
>     users con

Except BSD people feel slightly left out of a LINUX Conference in

>   AUUG can probably cope with much bigger conferences than LA can, and
>   a user con has the potential to be bigger than a bunch of volunteers
>   from a LUG can handle

They employ a full-time person to help organise such things but it is
just as much a grass roots effort as any other...

> Con:
>   politics? maybe AUUG want the developers conference (AOSS?)? maybe
>   we want
>     a *Linux* user con, not a Unix/Open systems user con?



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