[Linux-aus] Linux Australia AGM Held

Matt Hope dopey at quickstix.com.au
Mon Feb 3 16:27:01 UTC 2003

On Sun, 02 Feb 2003, Bret Busby <bret at busby.net> wrote...

: > From: Anand Kumria <akumria at linux.org.au>

: > > The minutes are being handled by the secretary who has been on holidays
: > > -- no doubt he'll get minutes up as soon as he is back in Sydney and has
: > > a chance.

: > Oh, I forgot to add that I was speaking on behalf of Linux Australia.

: So you are still the president?
: The president or chairman of an organisation is usually the only 
: legitimate spokesperson for an organisation.


Please, this form of critism is not serving any positive
purpose. Linux Australia may have had a couple of faults before, but
now we have a new committee who are willing to turn it all around - I
believe Daniel Stone used a simile of the Pheonix in a previous email.

Please keep it constructive - Anand was just passing on some

[ Speaking for myself, naturally ]

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