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Robert Thomson rmt at linux.org.au
Mon Feb 3 12:43:01 UTC 2003


It was a dilemma at the time, as the at-the-time committee members who
wanted to remain as LA members, but were unable to attend LCA, weren't
members.  We decided that membership should be possible for a fee
outside of LCA registration, and set that fee.  This was a decision
based on the constitutional requirements.  To be a member by the time
of the AGM, you had to have paid prior to the AGM.  We had the obvious
benefit of being face to face with the Treasurer at the time, and
having much of the committee together to decide at the time.  As far
as I know, only former committee members at the time of the AGM had
paid to be LA members outside of LCA registration.

I hope this clears things up.

Btw - IRC logs aren't for general consumption (even if on a public
channel), if you don't mind.  It's just good netiquette.


On Mon, Feb 03, 2003 at 02:36:03PM +1100, Daniel Stone uttered:
> On Mon, Feb 03, 2003 at 12:43:28PM +1100, Robert Thomson scrawled:
> > On Mon, Feb 03, 2003 at 11:40:30AM +1100, Con Zymaris uttered:
> > > If this is part of the LA charter, this is seriously anachronistic and
> > > would need to be changed.  As an organisation that doesn't charge
> > > membership fees, and can therefore not cover the costs of ferrying exec
> > > board members in from interstate, this approach just can't fly as is.
> > 
> > While there is currently no formal method in place for
> > non-conference-attendee membership, there is such a thing, in that I
> > paid a membership fee to the treasurer in order to make nominations &
> > cast an absentee vote.  A formalised method for voting (including
> > absentee voting) would be nice, too, as I'm given the impression it
> > was a tad ad hoc this year.
> 16:20 < DanS> basically i'm putting in an absentee nomination for the LA
> board
> 17:04 < rmt> DanielS: I know why you're ineligible.
> 17:05 < DanielS> Because I'm not in Perth?
> 17:05 < rmt> No, because you're not a Linux Australia member.
> 17:05 < DanielS> Err ...
> [snip]
> 17:06 < rmt> By registering for LCA2003, you automatically become a
> member.
> 17:06 < rmt> (and paying :)
> 17:06 < DanielS> I'd grep +sent, but I've too much real work to
> do.
> 17:09 < rmt> DanielS: LA handles the finances for LCA. By registering
> for LCA2003, you automatically become a member of LA.
> 17:10 < rmt> What that membership might give you? That will be discussed
> somewhat tonight, and more on the mailing lists.
> It would take me too long to grep through my IRC logs, but the basic
> answer you gave me was "no". This conflicts with what you're saying
> here.
> Either I was maliciously provided incorrect information, preventing me
> from nominating for the board, or there is a serious irregularity in the
> procedures, resulting in the election to the board of someone who
> should, by all rights, be ineligible.
> I'm sick of shit like this, Rob.

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