[Linux-aus] Representation

Andrew Anderson a_j_anderson at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 3 09:43:14 UTC 2003

Hi All,

   I've been very quiet until now, but this last exchange has been

   I believe that requiring regional (including the region of NSW)
representation is a bad thing (I'm Victorian).  How do you select your
regions?  Population? Geographical area? Number of linux users? Number of
linux vendors? Number of dollars spent on Linux? Number of computers that
could run linux?  What if there is no-one in a particular region who's up
to the task, or if no-one is really interested, or if a particular region
has a number of interested people?

   Anyone can send to this list, (including people in various LUGs).
Perhaps the LUGs will have someone who's task is to interact with Linux
Australia, but if something serious has been missed, anyone can respond,
so the layering can always be cut through (and I believe that is

   The issue of the membership I believe is more valuable.  As I
understand it, Linux Australia has been mainly focussed on the annual
conference.  If that was the case, then having those people who attend the
conference, and are interested enough to hang around afterwards, decide
the committee is perfect.  If Linux Australia is there to represent
Australian Linux users and vendors, then that's who should vote, that
sounds like a direction change and I'm sure the current committee will
address this.  
   If more sceptical readers of this list think this sounds naive, Linux
Australia is an opt-in thing, if people don't think it represents them,
then they will ignore it and it will die, and the LUGs will allocate
co-ordinators to perform the role Linux Australia should.  You're not
forced to subscribe to this list, nor are Linux Australia's actions

   My best wishes to the current leadership and I wish them luck with the
coming year, it sounds like an interesting one

   Kind Regards,
   Andrew Anderson


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