[Linux-aus] Linux Australia AGM Held

Kimberly Shelt kim at linmagau.org
Mon Feb 3 00:04:01 UTC 2003

I am stunned at the level to which this debate sank ?

Slanderous remarks about the previous committee etc..???

Inferences that the current (new) committee is unworthy in some way ???.. 

They have barely got started... thus I am surprised anyone can
make judgement on them as yet.

I was considering running for a position on the soon to come PLUG
committee elections, but hesitated as "I didn't have history"..

All I can glean from this discussion.. is that perhaps I am 
lucky not to have any recent history :( and frankly in
foresight I am not sure I want to build any either.

IMHO this is precisely the kind of infighting and segmentation
that causes people to NOT take Linux seriously .. 

Lets all remember this list reaches across Australia and thus many folks
will probably be as mind boggled as me when they read their mail
in the morning :(

I wish the Linux Aust new committee all the best, and look forward
to information flow from them about what is happening next.

Kimberly Shelt

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