[Linux-aus] state distributions

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Sun Feb 2 22:12:01 UTC 2003

> from the makeup of the committee, if NSW/ACT representation is
> removed, there are only two members left (of the seven); Victoria
> and WA, in terms of states/territories.

As I understand it, the purpose of the committee is not to represent the 
states, although Pia mentioned being pleased that there was a spread in the 
end. That's what LUG representatives are for (however the State LUGs 
eventually get integrated into LA's structure, it's still very much an open 

If you care, and want to stick your oar in, get elected President of PLUG, or 
failing that, WA LUG representative to LA.

If you go for representation by population, I would have given one of the ACT 
seats to Victoria, and my seat would be a toss-up against Queensland but I 
happen to think that Hugh Bleming and Andrew Tridgell will do a very good job 
of their posts. If anyone was least qualified (and the voting reflected this) 
it was me, but I can't imagine you being happy without a WA-based Committee 

Having me on Committee is actually a pain in the beehive since transport for 
physical meetings is more difficult, and time-zones conspire to make 
electronic meetings slightly less convenient.

I think it's useful to have a rep in the state LA is registered in (NSW), the 
most populous state (NSW), and Australia's capital (ACT). IIRC, NSW law 
requires that LA's Public Officer reside in or very near (100km?) NSW, and 
it's convenient that Public Officer and Secretary be one person (waves to 
Andrew Cowie).

There are only seven Committee members, and you'd have to be insanely lucky to 
get a mixture that pleased everyone.

Perhaps this should be a FAQ, once the LUG details are hammered out? LA 
doesn't seem to have a FAQ collection yet.

Cheers; Leon

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